Arrest in bike theft interrupted by golden retriever demanding belly rubs

Arrest in bike theft interrupted by golden retriever demanding belly rubs


San Diego police announced the arrest of a suspect in a bike theft after video of the incident went viral. It showed the thief playing with the homeowner’s golden retriever after stealing a $1,300 bike.  

The 42-year-old suspect was arrested — thanks to “an invaluable anonymous tip,” police posted Sunday on Instagram

“We’re thrilled to report the bicycle is back home, much to the delight of Ace, a very good boy,” they added. 

The San Diego Police Department posted this photo on Instagram of Ace, “a very good boy,” and the now-returned 2019 Electra 3-speed bike. 

San Diego Police Department via Instagram

Authorities did not name the suspect in the post.

The July 15 incident went viral after the suspect was stopped in his tracks while stealing a 2019 Electra 3-speed bike from a garage in San Diego. 

Ace, the golden retriever, came to greet him, and he couldn’t resist befriending the friendly dog. 

Watch: Dog confronts thief at home, lays over for belly rubs by
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In the video, the suspect is greeted by the curious dog, who seemed to want nothing more than some love and affection. The suspect then put the bike back momentarily to caress and hug the animal. 

“You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known,” exclaimed the suspect, dropping to his knees and petting the dog. “I love you, too. You’re a sweetheart.”

In the video, the suspect even called out to see if Ace’s owner was there. “Dad!” the suspect yelled. 

“Where’s your dad,” the suspect asked the dog while rubbing his belly. “Your dad should not leave the garage door open.”

The suspect is also heard referencing the homeowner’s other belongings, wondering out loud: “How do you have all this stuff, dude?” 

The video ends with Ace wagging his tail as the man eventually rode away on the stolen bike. 



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