Brother and sister killed in shooting captured on video in front of courthouse in Puerto Rico

Brother and sister killed in shooting captured on video in front of courthouse in Puerto Rico


A brother and sister were fatally shot Tuesday in front of a courthouse in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico by a suspect who knew them, authorities said. Part of the chaotic scene was captured on video.

The shooter was arrested minutes later at the courthouse in the northern city of Caguas, according to a police statement. Authorities identified as the suspect as 34-year-old Roig George KaraKuzian, 34, told local TV station TeleOnce reported. Officials said the suspect is Lebanese but residing in Puerto Rico, the outlet reported.

The victims were a male civilian and a woman who worked as a security guard for a private company, police on the scene told reporters. The security company did not immediately return a message for comment.

The sound of at least seven shots being fired was recorded live and showed a reporter who was preparing for a broadcast fleeing the scene and another man throwing himself on the ground. Dramatic video aired by TeleOnce shows the chaotic aftermath of the shooting with officers subduing a man and ushering him inside the courthouse.

Puerto Rico Police Commissioner Antonio López arrived at the scene and told reporters that authorities were trying to determine a motive.

“It’s an extremely unfortunate case,” he said.

Meanwhile, Alexis Torres, secretary of the island’s Department of Public Safety, said the suspect knew the victims and that both sides were involved in a legal dispute over a property.

The suspect and the victims had restraining orders against each other, and they were expected in court on Tuesday because the suspect was accused of violating the order, Jessika Correa, the island’s chief prosecutor, told TeleOnce.

Police initially said that at least one person was injured in the shooting but later told reporters that no one was injured.



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