Heinz selling Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch bottles after viral Taylor Swift tweet

Heinz selling Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch bottles after viral Taylor Swift tweet


Taylor Swift attends Chiefs game

Taylor Swift attends Chiefs game with Travis Kelce’s family


After helping boost sales of Travis Kelce jerseys, Taylor Swift’s appearance at Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game is now having an impact on the food industry. Heinz announced it will sell a limited number of bottles of Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch after a social media post showing the pop icon with a plate of the two condiments went viral.

Swift was seen in a suite with Kelce’s family at the Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears, adding fuel to the rumors that she and the star tight end are dating. During the game, the fan account @tswifterastour shared a photo of Swift sitting at a table with some food captioned, “Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!”

The post took off, thanks in large part to the hedging of whether or not the white substance was indeed ranch. On Wednesday, Heinz got in on the action.

“It’s a new Era for Heinz. Introducing Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. Limited-edition bottles coming soon,” the condiment company wrote on Instagram with a photo of the bottle.

While the combination of ranch and ketchup is nothing new for Heinz, which has been selling what it calls “kranch” for years, the new bottles will likely become a hot commodity for dedicated Swifties.

Heinz wasn’t the only organization trying to ride the seemingly ranch wave. The Empire State Building in New York City lit up red and white Tuesday night, and a post on X, formerly Twitter, showing the building was captioned “Ketchup and seemingly ranch.” 


The New York Mets also recreated the photo with its mascot Mrs. Met, writing on X, “When @CitiField has chicken tenders with ketchup and seemingly ranch.”



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