Toddler, 2 adults shot and killed in Florida, authorities say

Toddler, 2 adults shot and killed in Florida, authorities say


A 3-year-old child and two adults were shot dead on Saturday night after they visited a Florida apartment complex, officials said. 

It’s believed they’d gone to an apartment on A.C. Skinner Parkway in Jacksonville along with two others to meet with some people about the private sale of a dog, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko said during a press conference early Sunday morning. There were five people in the group: four adults and the toddler. 

A dispute of some kind started and gunfire broke out, officials said.

Patrol units were dispatched just after 10 p.m. following reports of shots fired, Stronko said. Three people from the group died. Another adult from the group was wounded.

Witnesses told police two men were seen fleeing the scene, authorities said. They may have left in a black sedan. 

“We have just about as many questions regarding this incident as you do right now,” Stronko said.

The victims have not been publicly identified. Stronko said he could not say if they were related because of Marsy’s Law, a Florida law that gives certain rights to victims. 



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